Latest News

Booked a recurring role on NBC’s Law & Order True Crime, Sept. 2017

Booked a spot for Dairy Queen, Mar. 2017

Booked a role on ABC’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” Jan. 2017

Booked a spot for Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Jan. 2017

Booked a role on FX series, “Feud,” Nov. 2016

Booked a spot for UPS, Oct. 2016

Booked a role on Showtime’s “Roadies,” June 2016

Booked a spot for Toyota, May, 2016

Booked the role of Umpire in feature film, “Battle of the Sexes,” April, 2016

Booked the role of Uncle Eddie on “Switched at Birth,” on Freeform Network, April 2016

Appearing as Harland in “Dream Boy,” opening Jan. 29 at Celebration Theatre @ The Lex, Jan. 2016

Booked the role of Mr. Reed on ABC’s “The Middle,” Dec. 2015

Earned 10 nominations and 3 wins at The Hollywood Fringe Festival, including “Spirit of the Fringe” Best Actor for my original play, ‘The 7th Annual One Man Show World Championships,” June 2015

Shot the family feature (role of Herb), “Big Baby,” Oct. 2014

Booked a spot for Aspen Dental, Aug. 2014

Booked the role of George on the the CBS sitcom, “Mom,” Aug. 2014

Shot 2nd episode of “Ray Donovan” as Bob, June, 2014

4 new Cox spots, May, 2014

Booked a spot for Mountain Dew, Apr. 2014

Booked a spot for Jack in the Box, Mar. 2014

5 new Cox spots, Feb. 2014

Booked the role of Bob on Showtime series, “Ray Donovan,” Feb.2014

4 new Cox spots, Feb. 2014

Booked Adult Swim’s “Newsreaders,” Feb. 2014

3 new spots for Cox, Nov. 2013

6 new spots for Cox, Aug. 2013

Voiceover for 3 new Nissan commercials, July, 2013

New spot for Western & Southern Investing, June, 2013

New spot for Zaxby’s, June 2013

5 more Cox spots, Apr. 2013

5 more Cox spots, Jan. 2013

Booked role of Bill, Chair of the Pawnee Planning Commission on “Parks & Recreation,” Nov. 2012

5 more Cox spots, Oct. 2012

Booked role of Clay Winthrop in new CBS drama “Vegas” Aug. 2012

4 more spots for Cox, Aug. 2012

Booked commercial for Cox Cable, March 2012 — Now it’s a campaign. Shot two more for Cox, May 2012

“The marvelous Jim Hanna…imbues the character (Iago) with an enervating sense of sociopathic world-weariness that reads both as comic exasperation in his scenes with Roderigo and the whiff of a humanizing conscience in his soliloquies.” Othello review — LA WEEKLY, July 2011

Won Best Lead Performance award from LADCC, March, 2010

Nominated for LA Drama Critics Circle Award, Best Lead Performance (Equus). Award ceremony, March, 2010

Nominated for LA Weekly Award, Best Leading Male Performance (Equus). Award ceremony, March 2010

Now recurring as Bill on MTV sitcom “Hard Times,” premiering in 2010

Reviews for “Equus” at The Production Company, Summer-Fall, 2009:

“Hanna and Stafford (are) beyond praise. Hanna conveys a passionate eloquence that perfectly underscores the tragic irony of Dysart’s situation.” L.A. Times – CRITIC’S CHOICE

“Hanna does a masterful job…a gripping and intellectually stimulating experience.” BACKSTAGE – CRITIC’S PICK

“(R)iveting performance by Hanna. Hanna’s Dysart suffers an anguish at least as deep as the boy’s, and this carries the play from clever melodrama into the realm of tragedy.” LA WEEKLY – GO!

“As Dysart, Jim Hanna Disappears into a man’s skin about as completely as you’ll ever see an actor do without prosthetic makeup…This is rich, nuanced work which I’d venture to guess stands up very well indeed against Anthony Hopkins’ performance in the Broadway original.” Stage Scene LA